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Improvs Compositions Recordings


9 Improvisations recorded in February 2019.

This wonderful set contains a wide mix of emotions and feelings.

8 Improvisations recorded in January & February of 2018.

The set is divided into three sections:
  1. First Remembrance (made up of three improvsations)
  2. Dark Remembrance (made up of one improvisation)
  3. Second Remembrance (made up of three improvisation)

2 Improvisations recorded in November 2017

The first Improvisation is fast and extremely powerful, taking the listener on an intensely emotional ride. The second Improvisation is much slower, more lyrical, building to a more powerful, intense ending.

15 Improvisations recorded in January 2017

This set of Improvisations is divided into 5 sections of 3 Improvisations each: 1. Clear Perception, 2. Illuminating Perception, 3. Profound Perception, 4. Refined Perception & 5. Perceptive Insight.

With the exception of “Clear Perception”, each section starts with a short introductory Improvisation (Though in “Perceptive Insight”, this introductory Improvisation is much longer) followed by 2 Improvisations. “Clear Perception” has a set of 3 Improvisations.

Improvisations 2 & 8 are in the key of G-flat Major, and have been called “something special”.

2 Improvisations recorded in April 2016

2 emotionally moving improvisations encompassing both soft and powerful moments of  great depth.

6 Improvisations recorded in October 2015

With Reflections, Julius Schmidt’s style has slowly evolved into a much more rhapsodic, yet deeply moving mode, while continuing in his more modern, emotionally moving style.

2 Improvisations recorded in September 2015

Two short, exciting and powerfully moving improvisations.

11 Improvisations recorded in January 2015

Serenity continues in the new, more modern style he achieved in “Intensity”, but less intense, more serene.  It culminated in the unique Serenity 11 which travels constantly through a true kaleidoscope of keys.

2 Improvisations recorded in November 2014

Enthuse 1 is a small, yet exciting improvisation, recorded in mono.  Enthuse 2 is a small, interesting improvisation, recorded in stereo.

12 Improvisations recorded in July 2014

With this Set, Julius Schmidt has reached a new high, having achieved a radically tonally modern, intense sound, with a moving, powerful drive and deeper emotional angst. It ends in the extremely slow, emotionally charged, and beautifully haunting Intensity 12.

11 Improvisations recorded in June 2013

Continuing in the new direction he began in “Yearning,” he adds even more emotional depth and modern feeling.

10 Improvisations recorded in April 2013

With the Set, Julius Schmidt again begins moving off in a new direction, with a more emotional, deeper modern sound.

9 Improvisations recorded in June 2012

Continuing in the vein he achieved with “Enlighten,” he produces a more emotionally powerful and exciting ride, before ending on the beautifully haunting Wandering 9.

1 Improvisation recorded in March 2012

This set contains a long, yet dark and brewing improvisation in G minor.

8 Improvisations recorded in January 2012

With this set, Julius Schmidt reached a new high in his stylistic growth.  It was noted that these Improvisations were indeed something very special, in a truly new, unique style.

5 Improvisations recorded in November 2011

With this set, Julius Schmidt continued his stylistic growth with music that is more mature, exciting, and emotionally deep.  Aspiring 2 and 3 are particularly powerful and emotionally charged, and Aspiring 1 and 5 achieve a new sense of breadth.

7 Improvisations recorded in April - June 2011

With this set, Julius Schmidt continued his stylistic growth with music that is more mature, exciting, and emotionally deep.

5 Improvisations recorded in February - March 2011

With this Set, Julius Schmidt’s style began to go though a change, becoming more mature and increasing in depth. They are relaxing pieces of music, bringing to mind comfortably relaxing at home in the evening.

4 Improvisations recorded in November 2010

Formerly “Set 7”, this set consists of four very long improvisations, very close in form to a “sonata”.  It achieves a depth of emotion that was not present in his earlier improvisations.

5 Improvisations recorded in August 2010

10 Improvisations recorded in December 2009 - February 2010

The Improvisations in this set are not intended to combine as a single “set” (except for Improvs 4-6, which are a little set), therefore these are “Stand Alone” improvisations.

6 Improvisations recorded in December 2009

6 Improvisations recorded in August 2009

7 Improvisations recorded in June 2009

24 Improvisations recorded in December 2007 - January 2008

A large set (over 4 1/2 hours long), slowly becoming more complex as the set moves along.

The set is divided into 4 subsets.  The first subset consists of Improvs 1-8, and moves slowly towards a climax.  The second subset consists of Improvs 9-12, and is sort of like a free-flowing, slow sonata.  The third subset consists of Improvs 13-18, and moves towards a deeper kind of climax. The fourth subset consists of Improvs 19-24, and is the deepest and most complex part of the Set.

7 Improvisations recorded in June - July 2006

Even though Julius Schmidt has been improvising since he was very young, however, the first recordings of his improvising were not until the summer of 2006.  They are mono recordings, but are extremely relaxing, even being used in hospital reflexology departments to help relax their patients.

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